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Chewable Charm

Dreamcatcher Teether | Moonstone

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Soothe your soul little one. The most dreamy teether there is! Silicone + Wooden Dreamcatcher Teether fits perfectly in your pocket, making it convenient and stylish. 


- Food Grade Silicone Beads

- Organic Beechwood



- Adult supervision is required at all times.

- All products are made with secure knots. Give your item a small tug each time before use to ensure it is secure. 

- Adults & ages 4+ may be able to break with force, baby use only. 

- Do not leave unattended while baby is in carseat or sleeping.

- Made in the USA, using USA made materials + imported materials.

- Discontinue use at first signs of wear of all item. Buyer assumes all responsibility.


Care + Upkeep

- Easily cleaned with soap and hot water. 

- Spot clean only and do not submerge in water. 

- Wipe and dry off drool as soon as possible to save the durability and quality of product. 


- All items are wiped down before shipping, however a quick wipe down with your preferred cleaning method before allowing baby to chew is recommended.